Unrestrained (& unaccountable) FORCE

Cutting through the diversions & non-information relating to what happened in Charlestown, New Hampshire on 26 July - cops went to arrest a 26 year old guy who’s ‘crime’ was taking two 65 year old flags from a house in Claremont. They knew he was at his Dad’s trailer. They, of course, send in the SWAT team...(?) They took the subject into custody and drove him away. Then, since ‘that was too easy & now we’re all here, tricked out in our SWAT outfits...‘, they decided to grab the guy’s Dad, still in his trailer after his son was taken away.

Not that Tony Jarvis did anything wrong, not that they had a warrant for him, not that there were any witnesses claiming this New Hampshire citizen DID anything to deserve being taken away or even be questioned for anything. They HAD their suspect; their mission was complete. Regardless, in they go like the Waco warriors, shooting the guy DEAD no less than fifteen (15) times and BEHOLD, at his feet is found a “weapon” so (we’re expected to believe) he must’ve been deserving of death.

The weapon - a nine millimeter automatic pistol with an integral laser sighting system along with multiple mags “found at his feet”...is (we all know) just the kind of weapon carried by every Charlestown resident, living modestly in mobile home, who pedals a bike around town daily. In fact, I’m sure everyone here in New Hampshire carries one of these expensive & sophisticated military/police, tactical, combat rigs. We keep them with our ten year old bicycles and in our beat up Chevy’s glove box on the off chance we can pop a coy dog on the way home from work or coming back from the store after picking up a cold six-pack.

While the authorities & media would have you focus on the (after the fact) concept of “a felon in possession of a firearm” no one asks how they ‘knew that’ before they threw a grenade through his door, rushed him and shot him. No one asks why it’s acceptable for authorities to “order” anyone out of their home, to face a platoon of men aiming automatic weapons at you, without that person having committed a crime or even being sought for questioning. Clearly, it seems, in America today, one need not do anything ‘wrong’, commit a crime or even be sought for a crime, to be gunned down by authorities in their own home. The message seems to be ‘do what we ORDER you to do’ (even though there’s no legal authority to give the “order”) or we will toss grenades into your trailer and shoot you fifteen times. Oppose us & die, or, to coin a Sci-Fi phrase: “Resistance is futile.” Let’s not expect to be shown ‘independent’ forensic evidence of gunshot primer residue proving the Tony even fired a weapon.

Let’s not expect to be told whose weapon it was by tracing the serial number to the last buyer of the weapon or its laser sight. Finally, let’s not expect to learn the legal justification they had to go in at all, after they had secured the subject of their arrest warrant - nope, we’re here now, let’s provoke some more excitement before we have to head back to our $45. per hour, paid detail, waving traffic past a construction site.

I never knew Tony Jarvis but I’m wondering why ‘thinking’ people don’t demand more than being patted on the head by “officials” and (ha!) “journalists” telling us that ‘of course’, the police were justified in their actions. The police are always justified; what are you thinking? Nothing going on here. Go about your business.

Twenty years ago, when I was traveling about in Central America, these groups, clad in black with masks over their faces, carrying automatic weapons, able to roam the countryside imposing their ‘will’ on the terrified population had a name – they called them “death squads”. I guess we’ve now come to the point where we accept this in America.





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