We know Washington is out of control. Their laws are usurping our Constitutional Rights, the Senate voting to grant ‘illegal’s’ payments from your Social Security funds, the president usurping Congress and the Courts with his ‘signing statements’ essentially saying he won’t obey the law he’s signing into Law, the private banking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve, printing money like the Weimar Republic thereby bringing our currency and banking system to its knees, sending basic food & fuel costs through the roof. Congress itself allowed to usurp Congress’ Constitutional duty to coin & regulate the value of money, entire regulatory agencies NOT ‘regulating’ such that the economy is melting down, food is no longer safe and airlines are grounding hundreds of planes nationwide, corporations being allowed to send all our jobs offshore while collecting huge tax incentives from the Feds as well as the much touted Homeland Security agency doing, essentially, nothing to protect anyone or our borders (hell, they couldn’t even build 100 miles of fence along the southern border AS REQUIRED BY LAW) and the list goes on. Ask yourself, who needs them?


Oh, I know, whackos & loons have brought secession up many times and everyone sort-of knows (?) this can’t be done. But, why?


 Okay, the Southern States tried it and had their clocks cleaned but they weren’t the first to bring up the idea. New England brought it up first. In fact, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut sponsored the Hartford Convention in 1814-1815 to advocate secession from the Union reasoning in 1804 “if the national government became too oppressive” succession was the solution to the problem. (Interestingly, if was Jeff Davis - future President of the Confederacy - who talked them out of it) So, come on, let’s have some fun with this. Why not secede?


The fact is this isn’t the 1860s anymore and the Federal government may not even oppose the idea. After all, they just sponsored and recognized Kosovo breaking away from Serbia as “an independent and sovereign state” for no good reason. They’ve essentially created a radical muslim enclave, run by former antigovernment rebels (terrorists) inside a predominantly Christian country, setting a precedent that will lead to breakaway movements all around the globe. (So much for stability) Under the circumstances, I’m sure Vlad Putin and the Russian Republic would be happy to recognize New Hampshire as an independent and sovereign state just to poke George Bush and Condi Rice in the eye after Kosavo. In fact, establishing good relations with Russia might be very helpful; can anyone say “cheap gas”...? If you want, I’ll email Mr. Putin and put it to him - if I get him to say yes, I want to be appointed New Hampshire’s Secretary of State. Furthermore, we may not have to go it alone as there’s a heck of a movement in Vermont to go independent; perhaps we could find common ground thereby making our flag have two stars instead of one!


Seriously though, these ideas of breaking away aren’t as farfetched as one might think. As for governing, we already have a Constitution and a fully functioning government, albeit dysfunctional at times, depending who you ask but a government that we can work with none the less (we KNOW where they live, after all:-). Making the state government into a functioning central government of an independent Republic would change essentially NOTHING. The foundation is there - Bill of Rights, Constitutional form of government, departments & bureaucracy, etc. Where these secession movements usually flounder is on such issues as ‘self sufficiency’ whereupon they sort-of “run out of gas” - no pun intended. So let’s take energy first. How do you support a state’s energy needs without oil wells?



Leaving aside getting in bed with Putin for cheap fuel - we need a versatile crop derived energy source. Unlike our federal government’s goofy idea of ethanol taking food crops & making alcohol - look what this stupid idea has done to your grocery costs - we could go with hemp oil? (before you roll your eyes - you can’t get stoned off industrial hemp as it’s NOT the smokeable kind so forget that) Industrial hemp’s seeds produce oil which can be burned in your home heating system as well as diesel rigs. Hemp’s by-products (fibers) make better (more durable) cloth than cotton - it makes the most durable blue jeans ever produced. Its paper is much more long lasting (the original United States Constitution is printed on hemp paper). When processed into plywood it’s far stronger than what you can buy at LaValley’s or Home Depot.


 According to the 2004 Census of Agriculture in New Hampshire there were 3,363 farms recorded in NH (up from 2,397 in 1998. That farm land totaled 444,879 acres of which 59% was woodlands, 30% cropland and 11% “other uses”. Were we to use just the 11% under “other uses” to produce industrial hemp you could yield around 4,893,669 gallons of oil per year which, for the record, can be used straight in any diesel engine (or home heating system) without modification. Based on our climate we would likely get three crops per season which would be 14 and a half MILLION GALLONS of bio-diesel. Increase the available acreage & increase the oil production. Initiating this would CREATE New Hampshire JOBS in local farming, hemp oil processing, distribution, pulp processing, reinvigorate paper mills, cloth processing & vehicle retrofitting (to diesel) throughout the state not to mention provide foreign exchange from the byproducts sales for our new Republic.



Increase small, private hydroelectric facilities as well as whatever alternate energy systems folks wanted to (privately) invest in and REQUIRE the PSNH to buy back unused energy generated by these private systems at 65% of retail value rather than the pittance they now offer us. Also, we might look seriously into a technology known as “pebble bed reactors”, an existing proven, technology which is incapable of ‘meltdown’ who’s facilities are vastly smaller than convention plants.



I think it’s a no-brainer that we have the agricultural acreage to support our population (and then some). What’s needed to be developed is the local processing facilities to can it, freeze it & get it on the grocery shelves but (guess what?) that means even more jobs within our little Republic! For a while, we may have to do without our Honey Nuts & Oats cereal until we get our foreign exchange off the ground but hey, you’ll have to ‘cook’ your kids bacon & eggs or pancakes & (local) maple syrup for breakfast - what a trauma... but it’s the price of Liberty, self reliance & self determination.



This is simple. There would be no private banks with federal ‘sounding’ names like Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air & charging the government interest on the money created out of thin air. Go back to the ONLY legal currency our Constitution allows for - gold & silver. Within the state we could use either bullion coin or script backed (100%) by bullion. State revenues would come from goods ‘imported’ into our new Republic, taxes on foreign owned operations/businesses not headquartered here, taxes on foreign owners of property, fees on airlines landing here, tolls on foreign transport using our highways & (gee whiz) use the lottery to fund the school system as it was intended & sold to us to do! Revenue collected from foreign sources would be collected in gold & silver bullion (or in natural resources we lack) NOT in currencies backed by nothing (like US dollars) thus our ‘foreign reserves’ would grow & allow the government to ‘expend’ funds for needed operations back into the economy. No inflation. No accounting practices rife with BS that would get any business owner indicted for fraud which is all we see from current federal figures on the economy. U.S. currency could/would still be privately used for purchasing commodities and products from the surrounding states.


While there may be a good number of subjects needing addressing these can be figured out as needed. There are a ton of REAL smart people in this state (not politicians) who could figure out the nuances of what we need to tweak to make this work. Fact is, life wouldn’t come to a grinding halt just because we broke from the US any more so than when Ukraine split from Russia. Nor, do I think that the military might of the US government would roll over us. Frankly, they have bigger fish to fry and we have nothing they need (unlike the old days where the Confederacy removed a HUGE revenue stream from the federal government when they said goodbye).


We COULD stand alone as a State or Republic with very little impact on our day to day lives. Think of it like the daunting reality of leaving Mom & Dad’s for the first time when you were young. Moving out to go to college or to gain independence and pursue our own ‘new’ lives. It seemed daunting, it was scary; but, you made it just fine.


Like leaving Mom & Dad, going out on our own as an independent State would be tough at first but think of the ‘freedom’, the ‘independence’. Just think, no one in Washington DC telling us we had to be home by midnight or threatening to take our driving ‘privileges’ away if we don’t use our seat belts. It could be kinda fun, don’t ya think?





Christopher T. Sununu

District 1

Mike J. Cryans

District 2

Andru Volinsky

District 3

Russell E Prescott

District 4

Theodore L. Gatsas

District 5

Debora B. Pignatelli

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