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To: Producer www.nhexectivecouncil.com
RE:  Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli

Dated May 5, 2007

  I have watched the videos of the executive council meetings, they are very informative.  I live in District 5 my husband and friends are very impressed with our executive council.  But Dick as Iíve said before my husband is very adamant that business and politics do not mix.  The state of New Hampshire is a beautiful state and with the executive council has the best form of government to represent the people.  When we moved here two years ago we didnít know this form of government existed.  My family and friends back home are very impressed with it. They wish their state would have this form of government.  I like your idea of my friends and myself attending one of the council meetings, I will let you know.  I hope you can find a way to post this on your site.   Councilor Pignatelli does a very good job and has our full support. 




From: "Michelle Crawford" <michelle.crawford@presbyeco.com>
To: <producer@NHExecutiveCouncil.com>
Subject: Seat belt law
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 09:58:14 -0400

        I am firmly against the newly proposed seat belt law requiring everyone to wear a seatbelt.  The State motto is live free or die.  How can an adult live free when we are not allowed to make decisions for ourselves! 
  I would like to see the statistics for the amount of lives lost in car accidents when they could not escape their seat belt.
  Seven people in this office feel that our laws should remain true to our State motto and that government monies and efforts should be spent on educating people to make better choices for themselves with regard to safety.
Michelle Crawford
Office Manager
Presby Environmental, Inc.
Presby Plastics, Inc.
143 Airport Rd., Whitefield, NH  03598






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