UnConstitutional Diversion of State Funds.


Millions and millions of dollars go to a private group.

A.   June 30, 2008 $2,500,000 out of general funds.

B.   July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008   $1,700,000   transfer stamps

C.   December 31, 2008 $205,000   moose license plates.

D.   January 1, 2009 to March 31, 2009 over $900,000   transfer stamps and moose plates.


When one of the bills was being passed it had a sunset attached to it for 10 years, which meant it could only be in force for 10 years.  But, a few elected officials took out the sunset which means it will run forever now. 

Realizing the state has no problems with reducing budgets, laying people off, increasing fees and taxes because they continue to give millions of dollars to a private group. 

The politicians that voted for those 3 bills apparently do not understand the constitution and what the law says.  It’s been said that they should be dismissed immediately or try to explain why they are giving all this money to a private group.  LCHIP

From very concerned Citizens

LOOK what some of your elected officials have done


Cutting right to the chase, LCHIP (Land and Community Heritage Investment Program) is a private corporation, naturally “non-profit”, which receives funding from the State of New Hampshire. Its website is here: http://www.lchip.org/ one can clearly see from the “.org” that it’s NOT an operation of the State of New Hampshire.

Having said that, why are taxpayer funds being given to a private corporation? By what ‘legal’ authority do the legislators who voted for this (and the governor who signed it into ‘law’) transfer of ‘public funds’ to a private corporation regardless of what its stated intent might be?

LCHIP boasts that they “receive $6 from each sale of the conservation license plate (MoosePlate). Our administration is paid for with the license plate funds (60%) and from interest earned on our Trust Fund (40%).” That boast and the legislators who authorized it, flies in the face of New Hampshire’s Constitution which states in Article 6-a that (regarding the use of Certain Revenues Restricted to Highways):

All revenue ... accruing to the state from registration fees, or taxes with

respect to the operation of motor vehicles ... shall be appropriated and used

exclusively for the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of public

highways within this state and no part of such revenues shall, by transfer

of funds or otherwise, be diverted to any other purpose whatsoever.

From January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008 LCHIP received $204,777. From the moose license plates.


Over riding provisions set forth in our Constitution requires a Constitutional Amendment not mere ‘acts’ of the legislature. Where is the one which was passed to over ride Article 6-a authorizing the diversion of these public highway funds in violation of Law? Further, where is the provision in our Constitution which authorizes the diversion of millions of dollars in public, taxpayer’s funds to a trust fund, controlled by a private corporation which supports itself off the interest accrued from said funds, which rightfully belonging to the taxpayers of New Hampshire and spends these funds bypassing the legislative process called for in our Constitution?

One must wonder ‘how’ the legislators who voted to authorize LCHIP funding were able to do so with Article 6-a staring them in the face. Since they ‘did’ authorize it, they either A.] Never ‘read’ our Constitution or B.] Didn’t care what it said.

Since our Law requires they swear to “bear faith and true allegiance to the United States of America and the state of New Hampshire, and will support the constitution thereof” before taking office and then they come under the provisions of Title VI, Chapter 92 of our RSA's which states “any such person who violates said oath after taking the same shall be forthwith dismissed from the office or position involved.”





Christopher T. Sununu

District 1

Mike J. Cryans

District 2

Andru Volinsky

District 3

Russell E Prescott

District 4

Theodore L. Gatsas

District 5

Debora B. Pignatelli

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