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Lucky for us our Constitution articulates our Right to “petition” government for redress of grievances. That means when we’re angry with our government we have the Right to let the Ladies and Gentlemen in Concord know about it. We have the Right to get together and tell them what we want; we have the Right to tell them what we expect them to fix on our behalf. The exact wording in our Constitution is found in Article 32 titled “Rights of Assembly, Instruction and Petition” and reads as follows: The people have a right, in an orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the common good, give instructions to their representatives, and to request of the legislative body, by way of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer. I might point out that this Right to petition government is also ours with regard to those folks in Washington DC. If you care to know a bit more you might look here: wherein  you’ll see that your Right to petition government became and remains the sixth clause of the First Amendment in the United States Constitution.

I especially like the wording above relating to our Right to “give instructions to” our representatives. It seems only right, don’t you think, that we have the Right to give instruction (orders) to our representatives. After all, they are, essentially, nothing more than our employees, temporarily holding a job that we’ve put them in. They serve at our pleasure, until such time as they cease performing as we deem they should, whereupon we fire them and replace them with someone more responsive to the interests of the people of New Hampshire. Since we have the ‘legal Right’ to petition government wouldn’t logic and common sense say that they (the government) have a ‘legal responsibility’ to listen to us and RESPOND?

Unluckily for us these folks seem to often forget who hired them after they arrive in the lofty, vaulted chambers of government. The ‘feeling’ on the streets of New Hampshire - indeed, throughout our nation - IS THAT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT THEY CAN IGNORE US AND OUR REQUESTS FOR ANSWERS TO OUR QUESTIONS,redress of grievances or disagreement with their policies, laws and endless regulation of our lives. It seems, in all but the rarest of politician, they feel the need to listen to us six months before their employment contract comes up for renewal (election) during which time we are plagued with sound bites on how much they are doing for us or how responsive they are.

On this web site, the people of New Hampshire have the ability to post their requests for answers to valid questions affecting our lives, our property and the activities of our employees (our elected officials) while in our employ. The fact that we’re still waiting for responses from some of them speaks volumes on the arrogance of some of these people.

All elected officials would be wise to read over the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire and ponder not only the Rights of the Citizens who employ them, the limitations placed upon their power by that document but also New Hampshire’s Article 10 of our Constitution.




Christopher T. Sununu

District 1

Mike J. Cryans

District 2

Andru Volinsky

District 3

Russell E Prescott

District 4

Theodore L. Gatsas

District 5

Debora B. Pignatelli

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