The ‘Rubicon’ is a shallow river in northern Italy made famous by the idiom "Crossing the Rubicon" which, when Julius Caesar's army crossed it in 49 BC it signaled the end of the Roman Republic.  Crossing that river with an armed force was the point of no return for ‘representative government’ in Rome and was where Julius Caesar is said to have uttered the famous phrase "alea iacta est" - the die is cast.  Thereafter, there was no ‘Republic’ - only the Roman ‘Empire’.


Newtown Connecticut’s massacre has brought the gun issue to the forefront of the news.  The government’s media is having its field day and the loss of dozens of innocents has prompted fake crocodile tears from Obama and his statements on the ‘need’ to solve the little problem of firearms in America which has, in all honesty, always been his agenda.  Not surprisingly, we see an idiot legislator - Dianne Feinstein of California (who just happens to have a concealed carry license to carry herself) - promising to introduce a bill banning “assault weapons” and “large clips” as a result of the shooting even though (oddly) no “assault weapon” was actually used in the Connecticut shooting.  (The AR style rifle he stole was found in his mother’s car and was not brought into the school.)  The statists would have you believe that “assault weapons” (rifles) are the cause of these mass murders of innocents.  Interestingly however, while around 500 people a year are murdered with rifles, about the same number of people die from falling out of bed.  Yup, the actual statistics are, according to the Center for Disease Control, that falling out of bed accounts for 1.8 million emergency room visits, over 400 thousand hospital admissions resulting in 450 deaths each year while, according to the FBI, in 2010 (, only 358 people were murdered by rifles. (one might note that 540 murders took place with clubs and hammers in the same time frame as well)  Given the statistically equivalent death rates ascribed to both these inanimate objects (beds & rifles), the obvious question arises - shouldn’t that nitwit Feinstein submit a bill regulating and/or outlawing beds (or hammers) since they result in even more deaths than rifles? 

While possession and the bearing of firearms is a Constitutionally protected Right in this country that the government is proscribed from infringing upon, access to pharmaceutical drugs are not.  Interestingly, the number of school shootings linked to legally prescribed drugs (SSRIs) ( which stands (after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting) now at 67.  Congress has already held hearings regarding the link from anti-depressants and acts of extreme violence and they know there is a problem, yet still they want to blame the guns in these cases rather than pharmacology ( due to the dollars contributed to their campaigns by pharmaceutical manufacturers.  A report, in Congress’ possession, titled ‘Antidepressant-Induced Suicide, Violence, and Mania’ clearly articulates the link between these drugs, prescribed, like breath mints, for damn near everything these days, and the rather common breaks with reality and associated syndromes or adverse reactions which include “(a) anxiety and agitation with or without hyperactivity (akathisia); (b) worsening or agitated depression; (c) compulsive suicidality; (d) irritability, hostility, and aggressiveness; (e) apathy and indifference; (f) behavioral dyscontrol or impulsivity; and (g) mania and psychosis.” I’ve already covered the FACT that government can not (lawfully) take away Constitutional Rights through legislation or taxation.  They MUST go through the
tedious amendment process as outlined in our Laws ( but the government has demonstrated over the years they haven’t the least bit of interest in ‘Law’ or our Constitution so watch as they use this latest pretext to pass yet more laws that legislate away your Rights contrary to our Constitution. 


The fact is, these statists aren’t going to happy until they reduce the gun owning population to single shot flintlocks. 


After the Brits effected their gun ban in the UK, gun crimes rose by 40%.  In Australia, after their gun ban, armed robberies went up by 69%, assaults with guns went up by 28%, gun murders went up by 19% and home invasions went up by 21%. These are hard FACTS and don’t think the statists in Washington and their bean counters don’t know these facts and statistics and that their proposed bans and legislation will have zero effect on these incidents of crime.  So what is reality here?  The reality is the “Rubicon” mentioned above.  The Second Amendment is the most important Right of Americans in that it was placed in the Constitution in case the government ignored the rest of your Rights.  This ‘reality’ is what they hope to address.

Supreme Court Justice (1939--1975) William O. Douglas once said "As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression.... There is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such a twilight that we must be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."  His insight applies today in that the United States ‘government’ is now on the banks of our own ‘Rubicon’ and very shortly they will cross it by attempting to destroy the Second Amendment.  As in Rome, the die will be cast for America and at that point, we, as individuals, will have a choice to make and that choice will determine, not only our futures, but those of our children, grandchildren as well as the very ‘concept’ of the United States of America.  How we respond to the government’s crossing of this American Rubicon will, quite literally, decide the fate of millions, either heralding in a resurgence of American tradition or signal a new dark age of existence.  It is up to us - for as Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Facts show the government is, at last, poised to justify their efforts to effectively disarm the public such that there can be no meaningful future resistance to the furtherance of a domestic police state and the oppression they envasion as necessary to their maintenance of power and this subject (relating to the Second Amendment’ Raison d'être) was covered in this piece after the Tuson shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

Perhaps you’re moved by Obama’s phony crocodile tears or don’t care about the government’s violating our Constitution because you don’t own a gun.  Maybe the logic of banning a class of rifles that’s caused less death than falling out of bed seems ‘reasonable’.  Perhaps outlawing the possession of a class of rifle that’s resulted in less mayhem than clubs & roofing hammers according to the FBI seems sane or it just doesn’t occur to you how freaking stupid it is to outlaw a ‘style’ of rifle when drowning results in three times more fatalities according to the government’s National Institute of Health.  If you believe this than I have nothing more to say to you for I assume you’ll roll over like they did in Germany in 1937.

Hopefully, some of you have this goofy idea that the government should comply with our Constitution and that you don’t particularly like being lied to every time someone in government opens their mouth.  Perhaps you care enough to Google the subject of SSRI drugs, their side effects and their tie-in to these mass shootings getting so much press.  Maybe you’ll take the time to read Dr. Breggin's written testimony to Congress - published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal with references to the studies cited in his spoken testimony ( or take the time to ‘listen’ to the doctor’s testimony before Congress, to those same bozos who are going to use the Connecticut massacre as an excuse to steal your God given Rights,  rather than acknowledge that most of the crackpots going on shooting sprees are, in fact, victims of well known and documented side-effects of legal prescriptions.  If you ‘care enough’ to actually ‘think about’ these issues then please speak up and tell these statists that their agenda will not be accepted and that Americans will not ‘go quietly into the night’ while their Republic is subverted.


It’s up to you.



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